Westside History


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History of the Eastside Church of Christ

As a result of a tent meeting conducted by Bro. Jessie Davis (preacher) and Bro. Jessie Mobley (elder) from the Tampa Church of Christ in Tampa, Florida in the yard of Mr. Bennie Mobley, the New Ellenton Church of Christ was established in Old Ellenton, South Carolina on September 1, 1944. Mr. Mobley’s yard was the first place the gospel was preached in Old Ellenton. Bro. Davis and the brethren rented a building from Mr. Bennie Mobley, Sr. The congregation consisted of about fifteen members. Bro. Jessie Davis remodeled the church building, and shortly thereafter he left Old Ellenton and went back to Florida. Upon the departure of Bro. Davis, Bro. Samson Mobley became the minister and labored with the church for several years. Bro. James Miller of Andrews, South Carolina began building a church in the early fifties until the Savannah River Plant came into existence. As a result, the government bought the property and the building. In 1951, Bro. Miller moved the church from Old Ellenton to New Ellenton, South Carolina and started building the foundation for the new church building.

While the building was under construction, services were held at Bro. Lazarus (Annie) Taylor’s house. Bro. Miller labored with the church for several years. After his departure, Bro. Robert Rouse of Augusta, Georgia became the next minister. Bro. Henry Sapp served as the assistant minister. After Bro. Robert Rouse left, Bro. Moses Johnson labored with the church until June 28, 1976. The church then hired Bro. Jackson Taylor as the next minister. Bro. Taylor labored with the congregation until his death on August 5, 1988. Following the death of Bro. Taylor, Bro. Tommy Lee king was hired as the next minister on January 29, 1989. Bro. King labored with the congregation until November 1994. After Bro. King left, Bro. Willie Thompson of Aiken, South Carolina took over the work on June 15, 1995. Bro. Willie Thompson’s health began to decline; therefore, he retired as minister on January 31, 2010. On July 1, 2010, Bro. Eric L. McCreary became the next minister. He continued the work until he resigned on August 23, 2015. Bro. Dale Hamilton started as the assistant minister in December of 2015. He labored with the congregation for several years prior to moving to Mississippi in 2019. Dr. John W. John Felton, who is currently servicing as minister, was hired in January of 2020.