A Fruitful Faith


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Dec. 11, 2022

James informs us in James 1:22 that our faith must be a productive faith. He says that a person who hears the word but is not a doer of it is merely deceiving himself. He says in James 1:24 that such a person is like a person who looks at himself in a mirror and shortly after walking away from the mirror, forgets what he looks like. May be the person is in denial of his self-image in the mirror because he did not like what he saw. The mirror is only a working reflection of the person who stands in front of it. If the person does not like the reflection, he sees of himself, he can change it. And just like a person can change the reflection he sees of himself in the mirror, disciples of Christ can go beyond just being listeners of the word to also being doers. We are encouraged to cultivate, that is nourish our faith so that it can become a fruitful faith. When we have a fruitful faith, it becomes a genuine faith. Therefore, the purpose of this lesson is to help us grow in our faith by not only being hearers of God's Word but also being does of His Word.