"Don't Throw Me Under the Bus"


Join us for 10:00 AM Worship Service at 2345 Williston Road, Aiken SC. Mask encouraged!

Jul. 03, 2022

As we live in a world that is full of pain, hardship, hatred, and evil; the one thing that most of us don't expect is being thrown under the bus. According to the dictionary, being thrown under the bus means to sacrifice a friend of ally for selfish gains. The definition itself reflects why it is difficult to deal with the blow of having been thrown under the bus. It is hard because the person(s) who threw you under the bus was someone you trusted, someone  you thought you could confide in, and someone who is supposed to be your confidant. The big idea of this sermon is to inform you that you don't have to stay under the bus after having been thrown under it, and the appropriate response you should have when your friend or ally has mistreated you for selfish gain.