" I Just Can't Keep It To Myself"


Join us for 10:00 AM Worship Service at 2345 Williston Road, Aiken SC. Mask encouraged!

Aug. 14, 2022

After healing the man with Leprosy in Mark chapter one, Jesus tells him not to tell anyone. However, the joy of being freed from a life of loneliness, banishment, and doomed to certain death; he just could not keep this good news to himself. When he found out that Jesus was coming to town, he made up his mind to get to Jesus even if it meant taking a chance on being stoned, humiliated, or even killed. His faith compelled him to seek the healing power of Jesus at all cause. The action of the man with Leprosy should be a lesson for us. It is a lesson that we need to be constant seekers of Jesus and his kingdom. Since we live in world that is full of the devil’s influence, if we honestly and courageously seek Jesus, we do not have to succumb it.